1830: A Year of Political, Theatrical, and Musical Revolution

19th Century European Composers Who Visited America

Alkan: Great Pianist and Great Eccentric

Autumn Leaves and High Tea: Instrumental and Operatic Music Inspired by Autumn and Forests

Berlioz: The Bigger the Better

Chopin and the Cellist Franchomme

Classical Musicians With Stars On The Hollywood Walk of Fame

Der Rosenkavlier

Die Fledermaus

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun: Concerti for Two Instruments

Dresden and Leipzig; 1815 - 1934: An Explosion of Music

Dvorak: The Composer, Not the Hockey Player

Early American Patriotic Songs and Their Use in Classical Music

Fast and Fancy Finger Work: Virtuosic Music for String Instruments

Francis Poulenc

French Symphonic Music: From Berlioz to Early Debussy

Gershwin: His Classical Side

Grieg: More than Peer Gynt

Gurrelieder: Tonal, Tuneful Music by Arnold Schoenberg

Handel and His Messiah

Heifetz: The Rolls Royce of Violinists.

Instrumental Showpieces Guaranteed to Amaze

Leonard Bernstein: The Rise to Fame

Leonard Bernstein: The First Musicals, "On The Town" and "Wonderful Town."

Leonard Bernstein: "West Side Story."

Less Familiar Holiday Music

Les Six and Erik Satie

Liszt: Music’s First Matinee Idol

Little Known 19th Century Russian Composers

Louis Moreau Gottschalk: America’s First Mega Music Star

Leroy Anderson

Morton Gould

Music for the String Quartet

Music in Paris After Napoleon

Music in Victorian London; 1837 - 1901

Music Inspired by Insects

Music Inspired by Romeo and Juliet

Music Inspired by Spring: Beethoven’s Pastorale Symphony

Musical Works Written or First Performed the Same Year Which Sound as if They Date Back from Different Eras

Offenbach, Napoleon III, and Gay Paris

Quintessential Quintets of Schubert

Russia’s ‘Moguchaya Kucha’, (The Mighty Five)

Russian Music Inspired by Winter

Russian Music; 1860 - 1910: So Much Written in so Little Time.

Schubert's Last Year: A Cornucopia of Musical Masterpieces

Spring Fever and High Tea: Instrumental and Operatic Music Inspired by Spring

Strange Versions of the Familiar: Symphonic Works Reduced for Piano or Chamber Ensemble.

Stravinsky: Man of the Musical Make-over

The History of the Original Film Score

The Influence of Jazz on Classical Music

The Prodigies Mendelssohn and Mozart.

The Prodigies Saint-Saens and Bizet.

The Sun, The Moon and the Planets.

The Unknown 19th Century Cello

The Waltz: It’s History and Music by Composers Other Than the Strauss Boys

Those Precocious Composers and Their Remarkable Music

Valour and Veterans: Man’s Heroism on the Battlefield Depicted by Operatic and Symphonic Music

Verdi: Composer and Patriot

Water, Water Everywhere I: Music Inspired by the Sea

Water, Water Everywhere II: Music Inspired by the Rivers and Waterfalls

Who Knew Whom In Paris During the 1830's.

William Henry Fry and His Santa Claus Symphony

Winter Wonderland: Instrumental Music Inspired by Winter